Dr. Rhodes has received tremendous support from doctors over the past 23 years. While some have come to respect his expertise as a colleague, others have come to respect his abilities for treatment of their own ailments.

As patients:

I was referred to Dr. Rhodes by a colleague for my neck and shoulder injuries resulting from an auto accident. His skill accurately diagnosed an injury, unseen on standard MRI tests, and he successfully treated me. I always leave his office with considerable improvement. Todd Rappaport, M.D.

Not only did Dr. Rhodes care eliminate my back pain, his instructions for modifying my work space and positioning halted the problem from recurring. I now work all day without pain. Dr. Bharat Shah, D.D.S.

As colleagues:

I have for several years referred patients for neck and back pain and radicular complaints to Dr. Rhodes. His skill in diagnosis and treatment of these conditions is superb. I will continue utilizing his service. John Ondrejicka, M.D.

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