The Rhodes Procedure

The Rhodes Procedure is an exciting and unique approach to MRI's for neck and spinal injuries that reveals what standard MRI's are unable to see - a view of the cervical spine in flexion and extension.

This technique was born out of Dr. Rhodes' own experience and frustration. "I just got tired of receiving one negative MRI scan after another on patients I knew had real complaints without suspected malingering." So the wheels started turning and Dr. Rhodes wondered what would happen if he put a patient in flexion and extension during MRI. After going to a local MRI and asking the technician to do just that, he discovered it was in fact impossible with the current equipment setup.

As a result Dr. Rhodes created and patented a device that works with nearly every MRI machine. The entire process has lead to the Rhodes Produre. For a detailed look from a medical perspective click on the link below.

The Rhodes Procedure (PDF Format). To view these files you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this application you may download it for free by clicking the link below.

Dr. Rhodes has also developed graphic aids which explain the process and can be obtained for use in your office.

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